A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Gen II NVG Counterweight


Gen II NVG Counter Weight

The Gen II NVG counter weight weighs 1lb and contains a sealed inner pouch filled with lead shot. The outer pouch has a velcro closure and pile face. The pouch can be securely attached vertically or horizontally to any combat helmet. The compact design provides plenty of extra room for additional helmet attachments. 



Made of the finest materials here in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

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Eric B.
Eric B

I like the profile of the pouch. It doesn’t use a lot of real estate on the back of my helmet and folds flat when the weight isn’t needed. It allows for placement of my strobe above it. The exterior Velcro patch allows for mounting of IFF patches or flags. For me, a winner.

Markus Appel
Perfect combination

This counterweight pouch works perfectly with the Tracer Tactical Head Harness. With the ballast exceeding the weight of a full Ops Core counterweight, it works well with my RNVG. The patch surface on the back is a nice plus.

Craig Mosse
Nice counterweight for heavier NVG units.

The perfect weight to counter heavier units like I run. If more weight need to be added they can be put inside the pouch that holds the lead weight bag. Also, 1lb is not so much it outweighs lighter units like a pvs 14. The pouch is about the size of a pvs-31 battery pack. Mandatory item if you’re running NVG.


Small, minimal bulk, perfect weight to offset my NVGs.
Was hoping the Ranger Green would be more green (looks more tan), but that's nitpicking. Solid, simple, effective.

Christian Bryant

Best ever

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