Garmin Foretrex 301/401/601/701 Wrist Straps

EOG's Garmin Foretrex Wrist Straps will add a level of comfort and security to your GPS usage that is not found in any other band. Solidly built with a moisture wicking interior, this band is available for the Garmin 301/401 and 601/701.

Made of the finest materials here in the USA.

All of EOG's products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Customer Reviews

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Floppy Antenna
Comfortable and sturdy

These wrist straps are very well made, look great, and are comfortable too.
One negative: My wrist straps fit my medium-large wrists well, though just barely. I wouldn’t be able to use this strap over clothing which is a use case I hoped this product would fulfill.

Got the package pretty fast send over to the Netherlands but….

I did pay with Apple Pay but never got any notification that the order was received and or has been send. I had to send a email asking if they received my payment, which they did.

After getting the package i noticed that the wristband is pretty small. It is adjustable but the sticky part of the Velcro is about 8 centimeters long so there is no room to adjust the band because the sticky part is not sticking to itself.

I will have to let someone adjust it to fit my wrist and I don’t have a big wrist….. Sending it back is not an option.

Luis Arredondo

Garmin Foretrex 301/401/601/701 Wrist Straps

Good Quality--Bad Service

I ordered the wrist strap and it was delivered quickly and the quality was excellent. Unfortunately, it was really small and just isn't going to work for me. I contacted the company twice via email to see if I could arrange for a larger wristband or a return. Unfortunately in both instances, they were non-responsive.

If you feel comfortable with the fact that if you have a problem you're most likely on your own, it's definitely a good product.